About us

Mink Box & Co. offers environmentally friendly mink lashes to compliment any and every eye shape. With quality being our mantra, each of our lashes are meticulously hand crafted with care. Right now, there is so much lash lust, from Kim Kardashian to Beyonce, when it comes to lashes, thicker and longer is what everyone wants! So women dash out to retailers and salons in the hopes of getting a quick glamour fix, only to be restricted by the limited section of styles and quality available to them. This is where we come in! We provide a diversified selection of lashes to suite your needs, whether you are looking to accentuate your natural look or achieve a glamorous bombshell look . We want to help you look and feel your best every time.

Animals are precious to us and we don’t condone the harm or endangerment to them for any reason.  The mink strands for our lashes are combed out of naturally shedding minks that are then sterilized and sanitized.

Each strand of mink lash provides a natural shine, is lightweight, and is tapered along the ends giving it a more natural effect. The strands are individually applied onto a soft cotton band which allows us to create unique and natural effects that can't be imitated by machines or synthetic lashes.

Although synthetic lashes are cheaper lashes that can be found in the market, they often end up being one time uses, because the bands are not elastic and end up snapping (sometimes right off the tray!), or the individual lashes fall off the bands. While you might end up saving money on these lashes, they also tend to lack anatomic curve appeal, and are hard and rigid; basically everything that doesn't reflect a natural or enhanced look.